Saturday, 15 December 2012

Reading Roar in the great outdoors!

To celebrate the arrival of a new outdoor classroom at St Margaret's Primary School, I was invited to read "Come on Roar, Let's Explore!", in the great outdoors. As I entered the school I was greeted by a group of 4-6 year olds. They were wrestling their way into their warm winter hats, gloves and coats. "We're going to the poly-tunnel!" announced one small girl as she plonked a bobble hat on her head, pulling it down over her ears.
This is how I came to be balanced on a minuscule chair, in a poly-tunnel, in early December, on a freezing cold afternoon. I was warmed by my many layers and the eager little faces in front of me, anticipating a story in their outdoor space. I launched into my theme of exploring, dipping in and out of my rucksack to produce props from the book. Roar's getting ready. She's off to explore in her yellow wellies. "It rhymes!" "I've been pond dipping!" "My baby has a teddy!" Little bursts of recognition of their own lives pour unhindered out of the children. This is what Roar is all about. Recognising yourself in the everyday world of the happy little dinosaur. We end by sharing mini-jammie biscuits. An essential item for all explorers both dinosaur and human!
The teacher links my reading to a recent class trip to a local beach. The children talk about crabs, buckets and seaside treasures. Such enthusiasm, joy and natural wonder. A fantastic school that understands the importance of the widest sense of learning, both inside and outside. The children discover their own treasures when nurtured and encouraged to truly use every sense to investigate our wonderful world. So get your ruck sack ready, there's an outdoor learning experience waiting to be uncovered right next to you!

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