Saturday, 8 June 2013

Small World

There is a whole world of little animals living in our hallway. They come in family groups and have their own homes, boats, caravans and shops. Their food is tiny, their cups and plates minuscule and you can brush the hedgehogs hair with a hairbrush the size of my little finger nail!
Here's a world to escape to when everything gets too noisy and busy. You can ask a special friend to join in and even invite them to bring along their small world of animals to meet yours.
Ordering a small world of little animals brings realignment to my daughter's mind and many other children who crave structure and serenity in a chaotic world full of sudden changes.
Fears can be played out, family groups behave as required and rehearsals taken for the big events in life. I must admit I rather like brushing the hedehogs hair and ordering tiny pizzas from the squirrel who sells them and offers a free delivery service on his little bicycle!

In fact, I'm just off to visit this small world of animals who have most recently moved into the dolls house. I feel like a giant peering through the tiny window and am wondering when it was that we, as adults, stopped playing and forgot the importance of play!

Best wishes
Hazel Reeves

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