Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Author in Residence - in a pop-up tent!

On 2 afternoons a week I'm having great fun sharing books with children in Class 1, using my puppet buddies. We sit in a rather small pop-up tent in the book corner and share picture books and listen to individual children read. The joint sharing of books is so much more than just 'listening to readers'. The children love using the puppets to look at the books, talk to me and take the puppet to find the next child.
I'm being presented with hand written 'invitations' for the puppets, lots of 'mark making' on scrap paper and lots of chat about the picture books and other unrelated bits of information they wish to share. I'm in great admiration of the teachers who plan meticulously and use their creative minds to teach young children a vast array of topics...as for me and the puppets...we just love sharing books!


Watch out for upcoming news of the Roar puppet and next 3 books for 2014 at www.roar-littledinosaur.com 

Best wishes
Hazel Reeves

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